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Why do you need to know my Postcode?

As energy prices vary by area, we need to know the postcode where you want your new energy supply. This is to determine the best energy offer available to you.

Why do you need my current supplier's name?

This information will help us identify the tariff that you are currently on. As prices vary by supplier, we need to do this so that we can calculate the savings that you can make by moving to a new supplier or tariff.

Why do you need my current payment method?

This information will help us identify the tariff that you are currently on. As prices vary depending upon how you pay your bill, we need to do this so that we can calculate the savings that you can make by moving to a new supplier or tariff.

Why do you need to know my annual bill?

To match you to the tariff best suited to your needs we need to know how much energy you consume. You can either provide this information directly or provide us with your annual bill. From the combined details of your annual bill, current supplier and current payment method, we can calculate your annual consumption.

Why do you need to know the amount of energy that I use?

To match you to the tariff best suited to your needs we need to know how much energy you consume. You can either provide this information directly or provide us with an estimate of your annual bill from which we will calculate your annual consumption.

Will there be any interruption to my gas or electricity supply?

Absolutely not. Your new supplier will use exactly the same wires, pipes and meters that you currently use. Your new supplier will also contact your existing supplier to arrange for the transfer of your supply. The only thing that you will notice is that your bill will come from your new supplier.

What should I take into consideration when choosing a supplier?

There are multiple factors that you should consider in working out which product and supplier is right for you. These include prices, payment options, contract terms, and any other benefits and services on offer. Fortunately, this service has pulled together all this information in one easy to use website, in order to make this easier for you.

Do I need to contact my existing supplier if I want to switch supplier?

Your new supplier will arrange the transfer for you. You do not need to contact your previous supplier. Once you have signed up for a new supply contract, your new supplier will let your previous supplier know on what date the change is taking place. You should ensure that you pay your final bill promptly. If you pay by direct debit or standing order, please make sure you cancel these arrangements once the final bill has been paid.

Who reads my meter when I change supplier?

Your meter reading needs to be taken when you change supplier. Your new supplier will either arrange for your meter reading to be taken, or they may ask you to take the reading yourself. Details of the final reading will be sent from your new supplier to your old one, so that your previous supplier can send you a final bill.

Please keep a note of your meter reading on the date that you transfer supplier. You will need this information if you do not agree with your final bill.

What happens if I am in debt to my previous supplier before switching to my new supplier?

If you do not pay your final bill promptly, the new supplier may be asked to add the outstanding amount to your next bill. You may also incur additional charges for late payment.

Will I need a contract?

If you are changing supplier you will have to enter into a contract with the new supplier. The contract will specify the price you will pay and the terms and conditions of supply.

Can I cancel a contract once I have applied for it?

After signing up to a new energy supplier or new tariff, you are entitled to a 'cooling off' period of between 7 to 14 days. Each supplier has different periods and you will see this in the confirmation letter or email that you receive from both us and the new supplier. During this period, you can cancel the contract without penalty. After the 'cooling off' period has lapsed, you will have to give the supplier notice of your intention to end the contract. The notice that you need to give will depend upon the type of contract you took. Most contracts require 28 days’ notice prior to termination.

What is a rolling contract?

A rolling contract (sometimes also called an evergreen contract) is one that carries on until you cancel it. During the period of the contract, the price of electricity can go up or down in accordance with the terms of the contract, unless the price was noted as being capped or fixed and in which case this will relate to the specified period. You can end this type of contract at any time on 28 days’ notice if you are moving to another supplier, or 2 days’ notice if you are moving house.

Since mid-2008 more and more rolling contracts have an early termination fee that is payable should you leave the particular tariff within a specified period. You will see this clearly marked with any information related to the tariff.

What is a fixed term contract?

This contract is fixed for a given period, perhaps one or two years. If you terminate a fixed term contract early, you may be liable to pay an early termination fee. In most instances a supplier will only charge an early termination fee if you leave the tariff and move to another supplier or tariff. If you are moving home you will not have to pay an early termination fee.

What happens if my new supplier increases its prices or changes contract terms?

The supplier must provide at least 10 days’ notice in writing to announce significant changes in the terms of contract. You will then have a further 14 days to decide and let your existing supplier know whether you intend to end your contract and switch to another supplier. If you do decide to move within this timeframe, you will continue to be billed for the energy you use at the old contract terms until such time as you transfer to your new supplier. You will not be liable for any cancellation fees.

If you are unhappy with any price increase, please come back to us to see if we can get you a better deal.

Are your services available for all types of the businesses?

Absolutely we have highly trained energy staff to help with SMEs to corporate businesses. We can cater for all types of businesses don’t hesitate to contact us and speak to our friendly staff.

How do I get a quote?

We ask customers to grab recent copies of their energy bills and we can usually quote immediately over the phone based on a search of cheapest energy suppliers in the market. Our system is updated daily with new prices from across the whole market - including all of the 'Big 6' energy suppliers. The quote will detail the savings you can expect from the rates we have offered. If you like the quote, we will arrange the contract between you and the supplier and work to make sure that the transfer happens smoothly. Our opening hours are 9.00am-5.00pm Monday- Friday. Call us free on 01772 924970 or fill in an online form for a call back inside our office hours.

How do I know that your prices are the best deal for me?

We are 100% independent and work with all energy companies. In some cases the rates we have from suppliers have been negotiated and are exclusive to our company. We're committed to offering you the lowest price and will always present the best available deals for you.

Why do you need to see a copy of my bill?

Your business electricity or gas bill shows us a unique meter reference number (10 digit 'MPR' for business gas or a 21 digit 'MPAN' for business electricity) which we need to confirm your consumption. It also tells us what kind of meter you have, which supply area you are in and what kind of electricity/gas user you are. It ensures that we quote you the correct energy prices.

What does a meter reference number (MPAN/MPR) look like?

The number will start with an 'S' and is usually printed on a bill.

What if I don't know my contract end date?

If you are unsure whether you are currently in a business energy contract or don't know when it ends, you can find this out from your supplier or authorise us to find this out on your behalf.

I’ve received a business energy and utility ‘Welcome pack’ from Call2Switch, can you advise what this is for?

Your business energy and utility welcome pack is like an induction into the Call2Switch family. All you need do with this is read the information provided and sign and return the attached Letter of Authority and Termination Notice.

I’ve received an objection letter from my current supplier, can you advise why this may be?

There are a few reasons that your current commercial energy supplier may object to your new business energy contract. This could be an outstanding payment on your account which you can arrange to pay in instalments. If you’re unsure on what to do please call 01772 924970.

Can you advise if my termination notice has been accepted by my current supplier?

Yes, we inform you when your new business energy or utility contract has been processed and accepted by the supplier.

Can you tell me if my contract has been accepted and when my supply is transferring over to the chosen supplier?

We advise you when your new contract has been processed and will contact you to confirm your tariff transfer.

Are you able to confirm the rates I have agreed?

The simple answer is YES! You will receive a welcome call once your business energy or utility contract has been processed to confirm your rates and keep you informed on what happens next.

Do I need to make my current business energy or utility supplier aware I am terminating or do you do that on my behalf?

You will receive a termination notice and a Letter of Authority in your Welcome Pack which you simply need to sign and return to either sales@call2switch.co.uk or Call2Switch, 202 New Hall Lane, Preston, PR1 4SS. These documents allow Call2Switch to act on your behalf and complete the transition from one supplier to another for you.

Commercial energy comparison experts are waiting for your call. Don’t over complicate your new contract search, compare the simple way with Call2switch.

Is my current supplier the cheapest for my renewal or can you search the market for me?

Of course we can, it’s our purpose to help UK businesses reduce their bills. Call2Switch can complete a commercial energy comparison for your business, year after year. We will continually give you honest advice so you can make an informed decision on the right tariffs for your business.

What advantage do I have renewing and starting a commercial energy comparison so early (if the 180 days have just opened as an example)?

Unfortunately, it’s not often we see business energy and utility prices go down. However you’re able lock down prices and beat rises by choosing your new business energy contract with Call2Switch up to six months in advance.

What is the advantage of signing a longer term contract?

By signing up to a longer term contract your business will be immune from the inevitable price rises to come. It’s a great way to safeguard your business utility and energy prices for longer.

My accountant handles my businesses energy and utility bills, what do I do?

With your approval, your accountant is welcome to contact us on your behalf, alternatively you can provide Call2Switch with your accountant’s details and we will contact them on your behalf and find you a better contract alongside them.

What happens if I am in debt to my previous supplier before switching to my new supplier?

If you do not pay your final bill promptly, the new supplier may be asked to add the outstanding amount to your next bill. You may also incur additional charges for late payment.

Can my current supplier prevent me from switching to a new supplier?

As long as you are not in debt with your existing supplier, they cannot prevent you from switching.

Are there any costs for this service?

The comparison and switching service that we provide here at Call2Switch comes at no cost for customers.

Who is my contract with?

Your contract for your energy is between you and the supplier.

How long does it take to switch business energy suppliers?

Switching suppliers takes an average of four to six weeks. However, various things can change this, for example if you are still in contract with another supplier, or if your new supplier does not have all the information they require to complete your switch.

My business is relocating, what do I need to do?

In the first instance, find out who currently supplies energy to your new property and change the account to your business. Once you have moved in, get in touch with us and we will happily help you search the business energy market for the best deal available for your business needs.

What are deemed (or out-of-contract) rates?

These rates are often the worst and usually apply to businesses that are either new to a premises or have terminated a contract but failed to switch to a new supplier. The good news is that, like 28-day contracts, there is only a maximum of 28 days' notice required to switch onto the cheapest energy rates.

What is half-hourly / 100kW supply?

Half-hourly meters are for energy-intensive businesses whose average peak electricity demand was greater than 100kW in any three months of the previous year. There are two simple ways of checking if you are a half hourly customer: usually a half hourly meter will have a communications link so that meters can be read remotely on a daily basis or if you check your meter reference number on your bill you'll see that it begins 00. We have a specialist team that arranges for the cheapest electricity prices to be sought from suppliers that cater for the half-hourly market.

What if I'm new to a business premises?

If you have just moved into a premises, you will be supplied by the same supplier(s) that the previous tenants used. However, this supplier is likely to be charging you out-of-contract rates which are significantly higher than average. It is important that you arrange new commercial energy contracts for your business as soon as you can after moving in. If you call us with your new address, we can find out who your current supplier is, your meter serial number, compare energy prices and advise you on the best option going forward. Please note that a meter serial number (or 'meter ID') is different to a meter reference number.

How do I get to know more about the Referral Scheme?

If you would like further information you can contact us on sales@call2switch.com or contact us on 01772 924970 and speak to our friendly staff.

How much will I get paid for each referral?

This is something we will be happy to discuss with you at the point of your enquiry, the referral fee amount will dependent on how much businesses you can refer to us.

How will I be incentivised?

We will request your account details on the application form, and will send a payment within the 4 weeks of the customer switch to a new contract. This will be done by Bank Transfer.

Is the scheme available for domestic and commercial users?

This is available for Commercial users only.

How will be updated with my Referrals?

As soon as we have confirmation from the supplier that the customer has switched we will notify by email.